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What to expect after CranioSacral Therapy

     You may feel relaxed, refreshed, or tired and “different” after your Craniosacral therapy session.  It is wise to avoid exertion and any jerking or wrenching motions that put strain on your structural system after your treatment to maintain the best results.  Your body has likely undergone some soft tissue releases and realignment, and needs time to become accustomed to this new posture.  Avoid extreme exercise or activities that tax your energy and healing resources.  You may be “recalibrating” and re-learning to move in a new neutral alignment with your body.  Allow yourself a day or two to become settled in this new balance.  Feel justified in pampering yourself for awhile and allow yourself to finish processing.

     Be sure to hydrate by drinking more water than you usually do.  Many body chemicals have been moved and “freed” up in your body, and some toxins may have been released from storage.  Your body is trying to flush these toxins out and improve the electrochemical communications within your body.  By giving your body lots of water it can detoxify and improve the fluidity of communication within the body.

     For one to three days you may still be aware of your body processing the changes that began during your treatment.  Be kind to yourself and be aware that emotions may come up more freely or unexpectedly.  Sometimes a new layer of awareness is coming to the surface and old symptoms may be stirred up.  This should resolve shortly and your thoughtful awareness, attention and patience with yourself can help the process.  If you do not have an opportunity to allow this at the moment, jot a reminder note and take time shortly to allow this cleansing process to complete itself.  You may wish to make your immediate family, or support network with whom you spend time, aware that this can happen.  Take your time with any big decisions that can wait.

     Over the next few days you may wish to give yourself a short time (10-20 minutes) to follow up with your session in “listening” to your body, or even make this a regular daily habit.  Find a comfortable position; let your body become heavy and relaxed focusing on your breathing – allowing full free breaths – and ask your body’s inner wisdom if it has any insights or messages for you regarding your health, or any body system or area that seemed to be of focus during your last CST session.  You can also just visualize light, a beautiful color, or love filling in that space and spreading out throughout your entire body. 

Change takes time and intention, but your body will thank you in many tangible ways!

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